In the Evening

Center of SevlievoAfter a days' activity in the countryside, or when night has fallen, maybe you'd like to relax in a different environment? The local villages and small towns all have something to offer; maybe a leisurely beer in a village “pub” or a salad and shish in a small mehana. Nearby Pavlikeni has some interesting (and consistently good) restaurants, and some larger European-style bars, with Sevlievo offering more cosmopolitan surroundings, with many cafe-bars with street seating throughout the summer, as well as several great pizza places.

Veliko Turnovo is a little further, but has a much larger range of entertainment opportunity: a huge range of restaurants offering just about every type of cuisine and a good variety of bars and clubs – the city's large student population (second biggest in Bulgaria) ensures a vibrant nightlife, and in summer at least, there's late-night drinks available outdoors until 3am or 4am (We'll pick you up in the morning...!) The recently-opened CityMall on the way into town offers a modern cinema, showing (some) english-language movies, as well as a ten-pin bowling alley, bars and restaurants, along with the retail outlets.
Don't hesitate to ask for our recommendations, and if no-one wants to be designated driver, we'll be your drivers for the night.