Get Outdoors!

Rural guesthouse in BulgariaCentral Bulgaria is a real haven for those of you into the outdoors – whether that be getting out into the countryside, or simply enjoying the freedom of a summer climate which enables you to spend the majority of the day outside, getting some sun, relaxing, and preparing and eating good food in our outdoor “summer kitchen” barbecue area.

We include the free use of two of our “Giant” mountain bikes with the rental of the house – up to seven bikes are available in total, as well as a “tag-along” bike for young kids too small to ride on their own. (extra charges apply; from GB£7.50/day/bike) There are great country roads which connect all the small villages around, as well as a huge network of forest tracks and droving roads, most of which don't appear on any maps, so you're guaranteed a new route every day! We've got route suggestions according to ability and aspirations, from gentle road ambling, to fairly extreme climbs and challenging downhills to test the stamina, and the nerves, of those so inclined....!

The nearby Alexander Stambolijski lake/reservoir offers a picturesque opportunity for walking or cycling – it has a guesthouse close to a lakesingle-track road along most of it's north side, as well as lakeside tracks ideal for walking or mountainbiking. There's a small “beach” and holiday village on the south side of the reservoir, accessible via the villages of Dobromirka and Mladen, with a variety of facilities, for a change of scene, and we'll happily collect you from there (along with your bikes) with our boat if you want to avoid the hard slog back up the hill from the lake to Mladen and back to the Gorsko Kalugerovo! In summer the water temperature can reach close to 30°C, so it's great for swimming or messing around in the water, particularly to cool off after a day's walking or cycling.